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Earl Davis is a minister, and during his years of Christian ministry he has found time while fulfilling his calling as a physician of souls to enjoy lamp working (glassblowing), learning to pilot aircraft, write books (Raccoon Theology and other books at Amazon), and for the last couple of decades, he has delighted in serious oil painting
Such a background shows that challenges have always appealed to Earl. Some of the most colorful of these challenges are related in his book Raccoon Theology. While on an outing with church members years ago he watched a glassblower at work, and when told the art was too difficult for a novice, he promptly accepted the challenge. He soon found that books on glassblowing--or lamp work--are illustrated for right-handed folks! A decade or so passed, and Earl realized glasswork was always in danger from housekeeping (have you ever tried to dust glass works?) And that is when he began to study art history and try his hand at oil painting. From a child he has enjoyed sketching and drawing.
Earl has developed an appealing "realistic impressionism" style of painting that explores the effect of light on scenes in nature. He and his wife, Pegeen, live in Blowing Rock, NC, and hike the beautiful trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway and other national parks as Earl seeks to capture on canvas the glories of God’s creation. All of us have had experiences in nature that leave us silent before a great sense of peace, perhaps of longing; a promise that there is much more in and beyond what we are experiencing.
Earl’s paintings are mostly landscapes. His paintings often seek the playfulness of sunlight as he features scenes from hiking in national parks, roaming the trails of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina, and fishing the magic streams [...]

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