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Why do I paint in watercolors? I am "hooked" or addicted to the "happenings" ("happy accidents") that occur ... and the surprises that happen when laying a wash or placing a color into another wet one on the paper. The watercolor medium has properties that only it can produce ... the textures of a wash on rough made paper ... the translucency achieved by laying one wash over another and when the "watermarks" are achieved by placing clear water into a damp painted area. No other media can provide the spontaneity or the instant gratification of watercolor painting.


Brief Bio Gordon West is a signature of The American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, The Texas Watercolor Society and Watercolor USA Honor Society. He has had works accepted in over 50 regional and national competitions and has won over 30 awards. Primarily a realistic painter, his designs and compositions are concepts in the abstract. He paints intrinsic shapes in water reflections, vast landscapes through windows, and flowing compositions of horse tack racks, for example. Education/Honor BS Degree, University of Louisville,Graduate Study, Chicago Art InstituteWho's Who in American ArtArticles in "The Artist's Magazine" and "Watercolor Magic"Works published in " Best of Watercolor", Volumes I and II; and major art magazinesIllustrated " The Fourth Day, A Daily Meditation Guide"Permanent Collections: McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX; University of Louisville; Texas A& M UniversityJuror E. Gordon West is available to jury shows. On jurying he states: "I believe that there are two main purposes of a competitive exhibition. The first is an obligation to the viewing public to show "what's happening" in the medium by showcasing the best of various styles and techniques submitted. And second, to encourage artists in their creative journey. These are the reasons that I purposely select a show that ensures that there is a representation of the various styles and techniques submitted and select only one painting per artist in order "to share the wealth".Demonstrator Mr. West is available to conduct watercolor demonstrations using either cotton based or synthetic based surfaces.  He provides insights of the pro's and con's of the various available papers and synthetic materials available to the watercolor artist.

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