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I like wide open spaces, big sky’s and wild places of the West, always have, especially the Rocky Mountains. I’ve tried to live, work and play in the wild areas of the west my entire adult life. My wife and I are fortunate to live on a ranch in a beautiful rural mountain valley in Central Idaho where every day we wake to scenes that inspire me. I try to capture my love for wild places, wildlife and western lifestyle with my artwork.
I like to hike, hunt, fish, ride horses, 4 wheel, work on the ranch, sit on the porch or just about anything else that allows me to spend time in the natural beauty that surrounds me. I like to share these places with others who feel the same when they get to experience these places and one way of sharing is through my paintings.
Creating these paintings is an expression of my love for these places, and I never tire of it. I hope that when you see one of my paintings that you are able to LIVE and FEEL the moment that I’ve tried to capture.
I’ve now retired, after working for the National Park Service for 36 years. Working for the Park Service allowed me to live in places where the beauty of nature abounds. The chance of seeing a bull elk bugling, eagle flying or a bear crossing a log has always excited me and filled me in a way that only God’s creation can. Now, I am able to spend even more time enjoying the outdoors and painting scenes of wild places, wildlife and the western lifestyle that surrounds me.
Thank you and let me know what you think of my art.
Dwayne Moates

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