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An example of fine art by Duncan and Carla Brown

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GOLDEN HOUR TROUT come from a close artistic collaboration between Duncan & Carla Brown.       
Duncan takes the photos: Carla does the digital editing.  They are honored to share the resulting fine-art photography with you.

Duncan H. Brown, MA  (MIU) has pursued photography as a hobby since High School, and as fine art since 2012. He is an instructor at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, co-leading the elective MDED-400: Physician Wellness through the Transcendental Meditation Technique. The elective helps students eliminate stress and anxiety, and increase mental focus.

Carla L. Brown, EdD (Harvard) has a BA in Fine Art (photography, sculpture and painting). She is an Adjunct Faculty member at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, co-leading the elective above along with Duncan and with Richard Carroll MD and Gregory Gruener MD.
Street gratings drain excess water from streets: adding fish sculptures to those gratings conveys a powerful environmental message. Next to each fish, it says, “DUMP NO WASTE” and “DRAINS TO WATERWAYS”. The trout sculpture reinforces the message.

Trout are to waterways as canaries are to mine shafts. Trout will only live and thrive and survive in waterways containing pure, unpolluted water. You know a stream or river or lake is alive if there are trout in it. (There’s a stream 1/10 of a mile downstream from the above grating that contains live trout.)
The light just after dawn and just before sunset is unique. Artists and photographers call it “Golden Hour” or “Magic Hour” because colors during these time are richer and more beautiful. Ancient texts suggest that walks in this light provide upliftment and peace of mind. This is why Duncan is out only at dawn or sunset with his camera “fishing” for Golden Hour Trout.
Interesting fact: living trout in real streams are most active, closer to [...]

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