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Early in his life Dug and his family recognized his ability to draw, color and create by any means necessary.
This Sacramento born, California native utilized his artistic skills that continued to follow him through to high school, where he was named staff artist for the school newspaper. Junior college continued the progression of his talent and paved the way to the intense environment at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA. Graduating with a BFA in Advertising Design opened the door to a 40 year career as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator in San Francisco bay area. During those productive years he employed all of his artists skills and tools to articulate a wide variety of projects. Today Dug paints in soft pastel but oil and watercolor are still drawn upon to implement his passion for creativity. The learning process continues.
"Many years ago I fell in love with Pastel because of the speed and tactile feel of its drawing capabilities, the opaque coverage, the color brilliance and serendipity experimentation that gave a perfect voice for my work. There is an intimate connection between my fingertips, my mind, my design sense and my heart in addressing the painting surface. The rapid layering of color and textures throughout the painting process responds to my painting style of representational impressionism. I also love the speed and performance of watercolor. It has been a great teacher in making me both humble and enlightened. Mistakes and accidents are part of the watercolor process and if you let them happen the results are amazing. Because of my affinity for these two mediums I sometimes employ them together as part of my painting process."
Dug is a Distinguished Pastelist [...]

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