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Duane Wiens is one of today’s most thoughtful and individualistic impressionist painters. A culmination of a diverse, lifelong journey guided by a love for art, his paintings reflect a confluence of diverse experiences. For three decades, the blending of disparate elements - rural and urban, traditional and contemporary- defined his award winning work in graphic design. Today, his design work is still recognized and this same timelessness is evident in his painting.
The distinctive character of his work stems from an unassailable artistic integrity and a free and natural technique that enables him to realize his expressive intentions, yielding unique, compelling paintings. Rather than simply painting “what is there,” Wiens creates emotion through subject matter, color, brushstrokes and texture, all carefully combined to complement the underlying foundation of composition.
The scenic splendor and vistas of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain west, as well as exotic tropical destinations are among his favorite subjects.
Not content to paint only from current experiences and travels, Wiens’ highly regarded Russian Heritage series of paintings are depictions of 19th century settler life on the vast agricultural plains of the Russian Ukraine. This Russian lineage has its roots in two distinct places. The Bolshevik Revolution forced Duane’s mother, Anna Marie Dirks, at age 9, to flee the Ukraine and what had been a prosperous and stable Mennonite farming community since the late 1700’s.
Orphaned and an only child, Anna’s two-year passage took her on a circuitous route from her original home in the Ukraine, through Ellis Island, to another vast agricultural plain in the Midwestern United States. The small wheat farming community of Inman, Kansas became her new home. She lived the rest of her life in Inman, the childhood home of Duane Wiens.
It’s no wonder then, that Wiens pursued an opportunity to study under the celebrated [...]

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