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"Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes it visible."                                                                                    – PAUL KLEE 
There is always more for those who wish to see. 
Dru Marie Robért is an inveterate observer with a relentlessly curious mind.  She is often delightfully disarmed by her observations, --of the world’s contradictions of permanence and impermanence, the organic and the man-made, the orderly and the random; or of the effects of the elements' and light's mercurial and genius play on its subject...   
She paints and draws because she wishes to prolong the experiences that have either lured her into this state of wonder & deep appreciation, or those that by the mere act of choosing a seeming unremarkable subject and stilling her breath and her gaze, challenge her to delve a bit deeper, even verging on the ineffable.  
When Dru sets out to paint or draw, a feverish yet deliberately paced excitement overtakes her in anticipation of harnessing  what has moved her.  Her inquisitive interaction with her subject definitely alters her, bringing on a quiet, sublime state of joy and connection that extends beyond her physical self. She truly believes that “the more one looks, [...]

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