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I am a surrealist artist, who began my art career in Austin, Texas after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin (Bachelor of Fine Art, 1997). I studied with Professor Vincent Mariani, an inspiring, internationally recognized artist, who profoundly affected my view of the world, both on and off of canvas. Many of my paintings balance imagery from our natural environment with elements of surrealism. Others arise directly from my imagination—surrealistic creations that could be otherworldly landscapes or evocative glimpses through the mind’s eye.
Using the old master’s technique of glazing in much of my work, I apply many layers of acrylic paint glazes to create intense color and dramatic depth in my paintings. The initial layers of paint are opaque with successive layers being more translucent until the final layers are almost clear. This technique creates a sense of luminosity and depth, because light waves striking the surface of the painting pierce to different levels of paint before reflecting back to the eye.
I sell my artwork at art festivals and other venues all over the United States, including Texas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.
I have extensive graphics work experience and create high-quality, archival, limited-edition, giclee prints of my original work. I solely produce all prints in-house, from start to finish. As a professional, certified picture framer, I also do all the stretching, framing, and matting for my prints. My originals and prints are framed and matted with archival, acid-free materials.
Currently, I live in Iowa City, Iowa with my amazing wife and daughter. 

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