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I was born in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1945 and spent most of my life within the grand beauty of the landscapes and seascapes of the Great Lakes region. I was raised in Milwaukee and my fondest memories revolve around the city parks but especially Lake Michigan where I grew fascinated by the movement of waves and the many fog banks that hang over majestic Lake Michigan.
There is magic in the world and in the arts, they are not separate, and we are not separate from them. That magic lies within our very being waiting to be uncovered and shared with the world.
I am a great lover of music, music is my inspirational source.  Music not only opens the window to creative thought, it is an introduction to our very spirit and to the Rhythms of Life.
The rhythms of music, painting, and all of the arts are simply a reflection the Rhythms of the Universe.
Art introduces and leads all peoples of all cultures to their own rhythms and to their own mysteries.
The Songs within the Arts are musical threads that weave our world together.
Doug received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Science in Studio Art at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Doug mentored with the late professor Adolph Rosenblatt, professor Emeritus at UWM and a graduate of Yale University.
Doug also studied a semester in advanced painting at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago,IL
You can view his website at; www.douglashousefineart.com

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