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  Dotti Smith grew up in Beaufort, a small town on the coast of NC.  She and her husband Kent moved to Asheville NC in 2000 and after many years in the real estate business,  decided to go to art school. In 2009 , she attended The Fine Arts League Of The Carolinas in Asheville NC, studying under Ben Long IV. Her career in art has really just begun.
Dotti has chosen not to put her art in Galleries but rather build her reputation in a different way. Her desire to create great art is on her terms giving the necessary time and attention to each piece. She doesn't want to have to produce numbers of paintings in a specific time period to fulfill the demands for Gallery work at this time. Each one of her paintings show the time and attention it takes to make a great work of art.
Dotti and her husband live in south Asheville and they have traveled to Italy the last few years for her to paint. She has spent a great deal of time copying the masters to perfect her artwork. She is now creating original artwork in the style of the old masters and from time to time takes on commissions.
Some paintings can be bought as giclee reproductions. Ask about the cost, usually a fraction of the original cost of the painting.

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