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Growing up with a mother who had studied art history and a father who often took us to museums during weekends and holidays, art was never very far away. I really can’t remember a time when I was not drawing or painting. As a young teenager I started ‘copying’ paintings in lead pencil. I still have a folder with dozens of drawings; they are meticulously done and quite detailed – I seem to have been a lot more patient at that age than I am today.
I was fifteen when I discovered pastels. I was fascinated by the brilliancy of the colours and the tactility and immediacy of the medium. I spent my whole birthday money on a box of Schmincke pastels and fell instantly in love with them. I continued drawing and painting until I started university. When my studies left me less and less time for art, I turned to my second love, photography. During the next 20 years I used my artistic skills mainly to entertain my two children.
In 2007 I enrolled in a 4-year drawing course at the local art school. Our teachers offered us the use of a variety of different media, among them soft pastels. I went looking for my old box of pastel sticks and found them to be as bright and beautiful as on the day I had bought them over 30 years before and I fell in love with them all over again. Since that day soft pastel has been my one and only medium.
After finishing my drawing course, I signed up for pastel workshops which brought me to France, Sweden, Croatia and the US. Since 2011 I have studied with several eminent American pastel artists, among them Terri Ford, Sally Strand, Karen Margulis, Cuong Nguyen and  Alain Picard.
I have been a member [...]

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