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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.dorisglovier.com

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     Paintings by Doris Glovier often reflect her impressions of life on Delmarva. Much of the work illustrates the subjects that interest her most - animals, particularly wildlife, describing marvelous faces in portraiture, capturing people in ordinary situations and articulating the beauty of the water, landscapes and unique landmarks of the Eastern Shore. She enjoys plein air painting at home or during her travels. Creating art not only expresses what the artist loves about life and her environment but what she thinks is worth describing and what is significant to her personally. 
     The work is largely inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, the coastal habitat of the amazing wildlife on Delmarva and the splendid people who live there. Ms. Glovier loves revealing in her photography and artwork the external indication of a person’s internal feelings.  The subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle articulation of human emotion - apprehension, utter joy, pride and even sadness begs to be expressed in her paintings.
     As a designer and author in the arts and craft industry, Doris Glovier has authored three books and has been published in numerous nationally distributed magazines and professional publications. Late in 2006, she realized a lifelong dream and transitioned to fine art when she began working in watercolors. She has since expanded her work to include oil painting, pastels, photography and digital art.
     The artist sells original paintings, reproductions, digital art and photography. Doris accepts commissioned paintings as well as digital artwork for her clients.  She is an enthusiastic art instructor currently conducting open studio workshops and classes on the east coast of Maryland. 


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