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I started painting for the first time six years ago, beginning a fast and furious journey that I never imagined would bring me such pleasure and fascination. I took a class as a lark - a passing hobby that would never last.  I was reluctant to invest in it:  Refusing to buy paints, brushes or any other materials that were not required in class. Soon I realized that every week I looked forward to the class and to discovering what I could do with the paints.  My thirst to learn more grew rapidly and I started searching for new opportunities to explore this medium.
The opportunity for self-discovery is tremendous.  The juxtaposition between intellect and creativity is part of the never-ending process of being an artist.  This is what draws me to it.  The process of thinking and letting go, thinking and letting go, is a loop where one feeds the other.  Those periods of frustration followed by discovery are intoxicating.  Although my journey began in part to become a “better” painter, that journey has now expanded to include savoring the process and rejoicing in every small step forward.
The paintings before you follow a natural progression of self-discovery.  How do I convey depth? What makes a tree a tree?  Where is the light most effective?  How do I make water move? How does my eye move through the painting?  And mixed in with these? There are many more questions I need to learn to answer on this journey and I am certain that I will never run out of questions that need answering! 

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