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Don Urban creates fine art paintings in watercolors, oils, and acrylics, rendering scenes of nature and wildlife in a classic, realistic style. With a degree in Commercial Art from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Don also minored in Cartooning and Caracatures (a fact that does not easily escape one's notice when perusing his video and DVD collection!)

A resident of Miami for most of his life, Don has been painting professionally for almost 45 years, and has sold hundreds of paintings in South Florida, principally through galleries in Miami and Naples. Collections include two of South Florida's largest commercial real estate developers, banks, and several private collectors.

In 1992, a life-changing event visited the newly wed artist and his wife. Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Dade, destroying not only the artist's home and studio, but also over 25 years of his collected portfolio of works. Surrounded by near total devastation, Don was almost tempted to lay aside his brushes permanently! It was their strong faith in God that sustained the couple as they slowly rebuilt their home over the next few years. And, as his new studio took shape, Don's passion to paint  was rekindled. But a chance encounter in 1998 would dramatically alter his life yet again.

It was during a photographic expedition in Yellowstone National Park that Don and his wife quite literally bumped into a gentleman who is rightfully considered by many to be the world's greatest living wildlife artist (and the man Don has always most admired) - none other than the art great, Mr.Carl Brenders! Such a meeting was indeed a "divine appointment", and was a tremendous inspiration and source of encouragement to Don.

Upon personal advice from Carl Brenders, Don eventually uprooted his life of 41 years spent in South Florida, and relocated to an area where renewed inspiration comes daily - from the mountains, waters, and abundant wildlife. He and his wife specifically chose East Tennessee for it's incredible scenic [...]

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