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"After seeing the worst that life had to offer, I decided to focus on the best life has to offer through my art."  Donna Vidergar
From as early as I can remember, I always had a pencil or crayon in my hand to record something in front of me.  Being raised in Southern California, I was exposed to some excellent artists.  The two most influential in my younger years were George Lak and Robert E. Wood.  Though both encouraged me to pursue a career in art, I opted to get a degree in chemistry and landed a job as a research chemist.  I married, got an advanced degree in Chemistry, and went to work for the local crime lab.  While there I got to witness firsthand the worst that life had to offer.  In 1991, I relocated to rural Oregon and turned in my badge and microscope for a paintbrush.  I began honing my artistic skills by taking workshops, working with local artists, and taking classes through North Light Art School.  I began getting commissions for my work and had a one woman show.  In 1998 I relocated to the Kansas City area and continued painting, selling, making some print editions and studying and taking workshops locally with Mark Weber and Phil Starke.  In my art I try to make beautiful, uplifting images in an effort to counteract some of the ugliness that is found in this world.   

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