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I painted briefly when I was younger:  the usual high school classes, one college course, an oil class when I had young children. But mostly I satisfied my creative urges with more practical endeavors, such as clothing and gifts. But as I interviewed prospective volunteers for two Syracuse hospitals as the Volunteer Director, I (without being very aware of it) began thinking about all the choices I would have if and when I were fortunate enough to retire. So a few years before I actually did retire I acknowledged I had set aside most of the activities that satisfied my creative urges over the years, and I set out to correct that trend by signing up for the first class being given on the first day of my summer vacation in the Adirondacks. What was the class being offered?  Decorative Painting at View in Old Forge. What was decorative painting?  I had no clue, nor did I own any of the supplies needed. But I showed up and was immediately under the spell of the instructor. That lead me to painting children's chairs, which I do to this day for children born into our extended family. 
As satisfying as it was to find decorative painting as an outlet  I soon decided that watercolor was a medium I wanted to explore. So I dove right in! I desperately searched for someone - anyone!- willing to tell me what I needed to know. I got plenty of advice, but everyone I talked with gave me vastly different advice. But one message was clear......JUST PAINT!  And I do.  In my "SHEDIO" in Forestport New York or my studio in Syracuse - or wherever else I happen to be. In fact I am writing this bio in Florida where we spend the month of February. 
Grateful is [...]

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