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Artist Statement
Spending time in nature strongly affects me.  I love to pause and sit still for a while, to listen to the water, the air and the animals.  Even still water has its own sounds.  I love observing trees that appear to be interacting with their environment or other trees.  While making the paintings, I am reminded of the time spent enjoying those areas, the voices of the trees on the breezes, and the many moods of the water and sky.  So my paintings are souvenirs of the special places and scenes we are able to enjoy. 
As a child, I drew all the time, usually with graphite or ink.  When I returned to art from a long hiatus during which I enjoyed a science career and raised my son, I began with charcoal.  The tactile nature of using soft pastels on sanded papers seemed a natural transition from charcoal to color.   We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have the opportunity to study with so many highly accomplished pastelists who are also excellent instructors.  I give credit to them for introducing me to a variety of techniques using pastels and to their help in my artistic growth.
I hope you’ll enjoy these souvenirs from my favorite places.
Donna Stevens, NPS, uses soft pastels to paint scenes in nature where she pauses for a while to enjoy the essence or rhythm of the place.  She loves mountains, bodies of water, and trees, especially trees with intriguing shapes or gestures.  Donna often works from photos taken on hikes or backpacking treks. She also enjoys plein air painting off the beaten path in nature.
Locally, Donna has exhibited in juried shows with the Northwest Pastel Society and has earned Signature status in the society (awarded once a member’s paintings are accepted [...]

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