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Art endeavors wove through my 23 years of advertising agency and photojournalism experience and has resulted in the development of my personal dimension of oil painting - especially in the painting of the flora and fauna around me. This connecting thread of art has made me very aware of all the painting possibilities.
I've been a scuba diver since 1976; an underwater photographer since 1983; and though I painted all my life, I've been a full-time fine arts oil painter since the 90s. In addition to lots of scuba diving adventures, we hike and explore all over. At each place my husband and I photographed on the land and the underwater marine life and scenes, and at times I would make reference sketches.
Most of my paintings are based on Northern California, I endeavored to recreate the images, colors, and shadows of the flora and fauna as I've seen it. My paintings are never  "copies" of my photos. I use a painterly approach to make innumerable adjustments and modifications such as the lighting intensity to counteract the effect of harsh lighting. I seldom paint in true "realistic" style, the environments I create are based on reality. For instance, I won't create a school of "pretty fish" in a species that never schools. I won't put a butterfly on a flower I've never seen it on. 
My paintings are meant to resonate with nature lovers. Each day I have more subjects I wish to paint!

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