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Color is the underlying impetus to all of my creativity: singing luminous color is the goal.  My heart soars when I view sensuous shapes and color combinations in nature.
My vision is generally a close up composition filling the page: striving for the feeling of the sandstone rocks surrounding and dwarfing me, expressing movement of water seen in the swirls and shapes on the surface and glimpsed depths below. I am drawn to organic shapes and swirling movement.  I work from my own photos on watercolor paper and canvas in watercolor paints, acrylics, inks and colored pencils.  The great joy of my ‘job’ is the process of creating a painting. This love of the process has led me to eliminate the subject matter and create abstract paintings and collages.
Transparency and translucence has always been a feature of my paintings.  My  media was fused glass; I translated my paintings to the media of glass and I am hooked on the vast possibilities and the beauty of glass.  Alas, I haven't done any fused glass for several years. 
My love of transparent glass has led me to tackle still life paintings of groups of glass vases, bottles, paperweights and bowls on tables with sunlight coming from behind.  The photos I have taken in my own home inspire and challenge me to  express my joy captured in these fleeting scenes.
EDUCATION                       BACHELOR OF ARTS-EDUCATION (History, Art) 1965       Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
                                                MASTER OF ARTS-EDUCATION (Art, Curriculum) 1979  George Washington University, Washington, DC
                                                WATERCOLOR WORKSHOPS taught by:
Doug Walton                                        Barbara Neche
Christopher Schenk                             Gerald Brommer
Intensive Studies Seminar, April, 1996.  Five Instructors: Alex Powers, Katherine Chang Liu, Fran Larsen, Carole Barnes, Christopher Schink.
Mary Todd Beam                                Carole Myers
Betsy Dillard Stroud                           Carla O’Conn
Katherine Chang Liu                          Linda [...]

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