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 I left home at a early age full of confidence and a yearning for adventure. It was not that I expected the grass to be greener on the other side of the fence, but I have always been curious to see new pastures.
Living on the road was relatively easy once I learned to trust my instincts. For many years my instincts led me safely around the world. I lived an adventurous life. Making my way as a artist and a musician and various other forms of street performing  I did not have a final destination in mind and was more interested in the adventure than being in any particular place. I will share some of those adventures in my blog,
   In the late 70s I had the good fortune to attend  a watercolor class taught by "Robert Landry", in a San Diego suburb. The class was full of watercolor teachers who inspired and helped me get started. I was the most inexperienced artist of the group, but they took me under their wings and gave me lots of encouragement and inspiration, which I am still saturated with
  I spent the next twenty five years or so traveling around the world, I constantly sketched, and painted when opportunity allowed, I am and have always been a avid reader of mostly non fiction books, Psychology, Physics, Religion, and the nature of human perception are some of the topics that interest me. 
   About twenty years ago I found my way again to Texas, and have been here ever since, My dreams are coming true, I own a small house in Comfort and finally have the means and opportunity to paint everyday,
   I am thoroughly enjoying the transition into the artist community ,and the Texas community in general,,I am extraordinarily blessed to be here and [...]

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