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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.DonaldFoxFineArt.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Texas based painter and writer originally from North Carolina.

  • Finalist for 2011 Hunting Art Prize

  • Currently teaching English at Remington College Houston and art classes privately.

  • Price Range: $100.00 - $8,000.00

The Artist Says:

Color, shape, and form are the elements with which the painter builds images. Effective images, however, are not random acts of manipulation but thoughtful arrangements by processes either intuited or reasoned, or perhaps more accurately, both. This includes, of course, the very potent and sometimes more elusive metaphorical or symbolic form of expression that often gives art its greatest power. The simple gesture, the elemental form, perceived correctly and viewed in appropriate context, can represent all of human experience if not cosmic unity.

Collectors Say:

"I love Don's work. His landscapes are calming and fill me with peace and serenity." - J. Gallagher
"I've followed Don's work for years. He continually surprises and delights me with expressions that are powerful and mystical." - W. Gray


 The nature of art for the artist and the viewer is a very personal experience. The artist speaks into the void, perhaps with an audience in mind, perhaps not. Many artists will defend their right to self-expression with no thought for posterity or prosperity. But what is art unless there is, at some point, an audience to appreciate and share the experience, to complete the creative cycle that began with some thought, feeling, or desire to commit to paper or canvas the image of that experience?
For me, art is activity, interaction with something felt or observed, filtered through emotion and sensibility and intellect, and expressed through the medium of painting. In the past I chose landscape as my dominant subject because I responded to the abstractness of the light, colors, patterns, and shapes that are so continuously varied with the slightest shift in point of view or passage of time. I learned painting as many artists before me from observing nature. I could have chosen to paint my dreams, which are always wonderfully complex, symbolic, and epic in scale, but I prefer to enjoy and learn from them and keep them to myself. Nature, however, holds mysteries as deep as any dream. Perhaps this is not so unusual since we ourselves are sentient nature, the observers and chroniclers of all we experience. 
My most recent explorations are in the realm of abstract painting, the current series entitled Windows and Doors. These works draw on my landscape painting experience but are conceived by looking inward rather than outward. There is a not so subtle allusion to the Renaissance concept of a painting being a window on reality. These paintings are not, however, re-imagined landscapes; rather, they are painted dialogues between painter and medium that symbolically represent the interplay between the momentary and the permanent, [...]

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