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Hi everyone,
Thank you for stopping in and giving me your time to look around, it's very appreciated. Let me introduce myself, my name is Dolores Jablonski and my studio, which I call The Book Artist is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I work out of my home that I share with my hubby and two young cats, that enjoy nothing more than to boss me around, play with my brushes and lay in my arms as I create art. 
I have been a working artist for many years, trying different medias, but always returning to watercolors mostly mixed with colored pencils, ink or conte crayons (a type of pastel.) I've been part of art shows, galleries, seen in magazines and museums. It's been a very good career (right now I ride a mini school bus with 4 yr. old's as well as work on my art.)
At one time I created teddy bears for adult collectors under my former name Dolores Ribordy. It was during this time my work turned whimsical, drawing and painting fairies, teddy bears and anything cute or sweet. I felt there was enough seriousness in the world and time to reach back into the magic of imagination, to just "believe" as a child would. I did this for 15 years and returned to fine art.
Wisconsin is a very green state, not so much that the land is very vibrant, but there is an abundance of wildlife and flowers. People are encouraged to use the farmers market, certain areas to not mow those first dandelions so the bee population can become stronger. And of course, recycling is a part of life. Upcycled or repurposed furniture can be found easily in towns. We aren't without our own problems, but it seems more and more solutions are being found.
All of this has encouraged [...]

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