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I was born creative. I come from a long line of creatives in my family. Music, acting, animators, seamstress, crafters, dancing, singing so really it was no surprise when I decided at a young age to start my career off by decorating the bathroom wall behind the bathroom door. My Mom could only see what she thought was an Native American head (head dress included.) She refused to have anyone wash it away and refused to punish me. I have no memory of it, but from then on I was encouraged to be creative to try new things.
Growing up I was lucky to always have at hand supplies of some sort, to be able to just sit and cut up paper, glue paper, tear it and of course draw on it. And as long as cleaned up after myself, my Mom never stopped me from making a horrible mess.
Even though I don't have a degree in art (I tried twice, but the thought of going through art history made me want to bang my head against my desk, no art history no degree...oh well) a variety of my work has been seen in galleries, museums and magazines. It has been a wonderful career.
I don't consider myself self taught because I did sit through some art classes even though I was left mostly to myself to do what ever. If anything the critiques given helped me the most and practice, practice, practice. So I guess you can say I paint and draw intuitively. It comes from inside, it comes from what I love the most.
Right now I've been exploring and recycling papers to make my own and looking for papers that have the least impact on our environment. All those shows on plastic in our waterways, ocean, has made me aware that [...]

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