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Dodie Davis was born in California and grew up with Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean as her "playground".  Dodie works predominantly in the medium of watercolor painting and immensely enjoys "plein air painting".
Mostly self taught, Dodie has studied extensively under Tony Couch, Alvaro Castagnet, Thomas Schaller, Mary Whyte, and others.  Dodie belongs to NWS, CWS, and SCVWS her work has been in juried and non juried shows alike.  Dodie's solo shows have been held in Soquel, California and in Palos Verdes Estates, California.   For the past six years Dodie has been teaching Watercolor near the Monterey Bay area.  Dodie finds teaching very rewarding and she truly believes that anyone can paint!  
Currently, Dodie is working on a California Mission series.   She says, "there is an absolute calm and beauty about the Spanish Architecture that is undeniable and begs to be painted."  Other favorite subjects of hers are seascapes and portraits.   Spending some upfront time with close observation and planning, by the time she is ready to paint she says, "it's time to let go and let the paint flow".   She has a reputation of being a "fast" painter, letting her brush dance across the canvas.  That is the time, she says, "to play and have fun, splashing about.  The work is already done in my heart and in my head".  Look closely at the eyes in her portraits of people and animals and you will see their spirit, this is the magic with which Dodie paints. 
"There are some things that one just can not explain because they can only be felt, and those feelings are individual to each person.  I attempt to leave space in my paintings for others to experience their own story or dreams."
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