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  • Price Range: $250.00 - $3,000.00
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DJ Hyde Matheny studied psychology and studio art at University of Wisconsin. Though she wanted to be a fine art painter, her parents discouraged her from pursuing this path, for practical reasons. Subsequently, she earned a BFA from Art Center College of Design and completed some graduate work at Pratt Institute in Graphic Design. With professional experience as a graphic designer, working on both coasts, DJ relocated to the Midwest, first to work at several design firms in Chicago before becoming a designer for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. Exposed to such a variety of artists at Hallmark, she found her love of painting being rekindled. In 2003 she began to work with several other artists under the tutelage of Philomene Bennett in her studio in the West Bottoms district of Kansas City. She continued to study and paint with Ms. Bennett until 2015, and participated in several local art shows and Open Studio events. During the Great Recession, when she lost her career as a designer, she went back to school to become a hospice social worker. After working in hospice for over 5 years, she decided retire to devote more of her energies to painting. 
Artist's Statement
As a former hospice worker, I find the times "in-between" the most interesting times to contemplate; for it is during these transitional times, moments of searching or waiting, that we can most clearly see. My paintings attempt to inspire a sense of stillness and mystery,  most recently concentrating on portraits of the interior landscape to evoke contemplation. 
With this new body of work, I have tried to express the angst, grief and sadness — and sometimes moments of hope — that this past year has brought. I’ve always been drawn to subjects that express my interest in the inner life – from the emotional and psychological to the spiritual. With the [...]

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