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Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky's style can best be characterized as "romantic naturalism," an expression of her desire to capture and convey the inherent beauty that can be found within the seemingly ordinary corners of the natural world, while also creating a strong sense off place and atmosphere for the viewer.

In her work, Dimitrina draws upon her continual interactions with and studies of nature, as well as upon her extensive study of the landscape paintings from two iconic representational art movements: the Hudson River School and the Peredvizhniki (the historic Russian realist art movement known as "The Wanderers" or "The Itinerants").

Dimitrina's representational landscapes are a collection of both plein air studies and studio works that include scenes observed, moments experienced, and imaginary compositions derived from the visual vocabulary that she has cultivated through countless intimate encounters with nature generated by painting from life. 
Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dimitrina immigrated to the United States with her family when her father was sent by the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church to serve as a parish priest in the Midwest. She was awarded full tuition scholarships for both her bachelors and masters of arts degrees, obtaining the former from the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and the latter from the University of Iowa’s nationally renowned printmaking program.
While in Iowa, Dimitrina studied directly under Mauricio Lasansky, one of the “Fathers of 20th Century American Printmaking.” This background in printmaking can be observed in the works she has completed in other media and, especially, in her oil paintings, which are characterized by her unique use of line, value, and varied hard and soft edges. 

Dimitrina has an active exhibition schedule, including often showing her new works in solo and featured artist exhibitionss, as well as frequently participating in juried exhibitions, invitational shows, and other competitions, through which [...]

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