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We are a Mother, Daughter, Father team of artists!  We each have our own stories (Jennifer, Susan, Douglas) that have molded us and changed our work into the unique styles that we have, but what’s really interesting is that we also have one story together!
You might be wondering how a father, mother and daughter all became professional artists?  We wonder too!  The first thing is that we have a common passion for the painted word.  Sure, we nurture and support each other and each other’s creativity but how did it all happen?  What came first?  Well, if you put it that way, Susan came first as she studied fine art in college.  It isn’t that Douglas was not aspiring to be an artist at the time, but they met and fell in love at first sight (which is a whole other story) and wanted to get married and have kids right away, so he got side tracked by his fatherly and husbandly responsibilities.  Susan kept studying while having the babies (all three of them: boy, girl, boy).  When Jennifer was about four, Susan met Ron Lukas, a master painter in the Russian impressionist style (which is simply painterly painting with strong value and good color harmony), and so her real study began. Susan came home from her classes with Ron, woke Douglas up and talked art till the wee hours of the morning.  Good thing they were young!  Douglas began to learn the artist thought process by listening and processing the lessons and ideas that Susan brought home.  After Susan put the kids to bed, she would paint late into the night. Once again, looking back, she’s glad she was young.  Only a fire and passion like hers could have done that, inspiring those around her. Douglas was also taking classes [...]

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