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Didier ("DDA") is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Didier grew up in Lebanon and France, with an appreciation for the arts. His parents were avid art collectors, with a mix of European and Oriental works of art.
Didier came to the US to pursue a master's degree and has lived there ever since, with a 3-year stint “down unda” in Sydney, Australia.
Didier was a tech entrepreneur, typically found at the helm of startups, or leading the creation of new products and markets for established companies. After many years as an entrepreneur, Didier felt a deep yearning to explore new ways to apply his creative energy.
He decided to switch his focus to the visual arts, an area that has always fascinated him. From the very first art workshop at the Pacific Art league in Palo Alto, he was hooked.
Didier works with watercolor, mixed media, and digital technology. He often mixes digital and analog processes in his artwork.
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