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Dick Heimbold hails from Island Heights, New Jersey—a small town of Victorian houses that Tom Sawyer would have been more at home in than today’s tecked out, interconnected kids.  He attended St. Joseph's, a four-room grade school and remembers years of diagramming sentences, times tables, and catechism taught to the tune of a yard stick. After getting his working papers at fourteen he worked most summers on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights spinning a gambling wheel.  He graduated from Toms River High School and went on to Newark College of Engineering, from which his grandfather graduated in 1897. A priest uncle got him a summer job at Ballantine’s Brewery in Newark. From there he drove a beer truck to New York City and delivered beer from Wall St. to Yonkers.
Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, he dropped out of college after two years and became a dock builder in Point Pleasant NJ.  Building harbor works through one New Jersey winter was enough to convince him that an indoor job made a lot more sense.  He headed out to Marquette University in Milwaukee for three years to finish his degree in mechanical engineering.
Upon graduation he hitchhiked to San Diego and found work on the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile program at various locations in the United States.  Working for four months in Topeka on a missile base was long enough to meet and marry Ursula Hügelmeyer.  The newlyweds lived for a year in Santa Barbara and then moved to LA. Heimbold joined Rocketdyne as a research engineer and studied automatic controls at UCLA.  Three years later he started his 25-year stay at Lockheed in various engineering roles culminating as Director of Process Engineering of the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center.  He retired early from Lockheed and became an aerospace consultant for the next [...]

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