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"Oh, my loves!  They look so beautiful and peaceful.  I couldn’t imagine any modifications – you captured them beautifully.  You are so talented, thank you so much for the obvious care and attention you’ve put in.  I’ve never commissioned anything like this before and you’ve made the process amazing.  I could go on and on, but in summary THANK YOU!"
"After seeing the latest examples of your art work I could not find words to describe how beautiful and deep they were.   I've seen portraits on the tv program "antiques roadshow" of people from back before the invention of the camera.  These may be priceless today but they seem so cold and flat compared to your work."
"I wish you could have heard the gasp, oh and ahhs from my Mom when I showed her the picture you did of my Dad.  My other friend Diane was visiting Mom and she was very impressed, and said wow, that is really pro.  What a treasure this piece will be to me.  You have captured my Dad's gentle, kind and loving side in this picture, something that when he had to work so hard, for so long, he lost at times, until a few years before he passed.  I cherish those times when I saw his gentleness, the vulnerability of this world traveler and businessman shining through.  Thank you so much for doing this for me.  I know if my Dad were here, he'd say "I like it", too."



I am a Northern California artist who is passionate about abstract expressionism.  Originally painting in a realistic style, I now relish “breaking the rules of realism” and discovering new, exciting paths through abstraction and surrealism.  I use acrylics, inks, oil pastels and charcoal to explore all facets of our emotional and spiritual environment.  Through my art I strive to ignite the viewers’ emotions and vision, bridging the gap between artist and viewer.   
Born in Akron, Ohio shortly after World War II, I had asthma as a young child and recall using those times of illness to create fantastic worlds and internal musings.  This is where my initial experience with abstract art began—seeing designs, figures, faces and lights on the walls or across closed eyelids in the dark.  I was a very introverted and shy child and spent more time observing than talking.   I loved comic books and my first drawings were of cartoon characters and horses from those comics.   My other early influences included realistic painters like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Bierstadt and later on from Rockwell, Parrish, Wyeth, Turner and an artist I feel had a magical way with emotions—Howard Pyle.  As my interest in abstract painting developed, I’ve been influenced by Monet, Pollock, Frankenthaler, Hartigan and Kandinsky. 
Probably the first moment I seriously thought about becoming an artist was when my father complimented me on a portrait I had drawn.  However, I grew up in a very provincial and conservative family, where women were expected to become housewives, teachers, secretaries, or nurses…definitely not an artist.  Rather than pursuing art at an early age, I trained for office work but continued drawing and painting as a hobby.
In the early 1970’s I moved to Colorado and lived there for fourteen years, during which I discovered the joy of working with oil pastels.  I loved the sense of connection to the painting surface, using my fingers [...]

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