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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.DiannHaist.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Diann Haist is an award winning artist whose work is in many corporate and private collections worldwide

  • Signature Member-American Impressionist Society, Assoc Member-OPA, LPAPA, STACARTS NY, AK Artist Guild, Assoc. Member American Women Artists

  • Painterly landscapes, still life and figures in oil, acrylic or pastel, as well as large format musically inspired abstracts

  • Price Range: $350.00 - $28,000.00

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The Artist Says:

"Imagine a world without artists - how bleak it would be. An artist sees the world around them from a different angle, and it is up to them to present it so others can pause a moment and reflect. A respite from turmoil. For me, creating art is like breathing; it must be done to really live life to the fullest.  My work is inspired by all that is around me, the colours, the landscape, the people. I strive to put that life-force and energy into the paintings. Living the life of an artist has given me the opportunity to go to unusual places and meet many wonderful people along the way. I can't think of a better thing to do."


Collectors Say:

"There is something about this painting which moved me almost to tears when I saw it."                                                       *** "I have seen the great paintings of the Old Masters and you truly demonstrate the Masters Touch."                                                    *** "I have no words to explain my feelings when I saw them... They are all and each beautiful...I cannot say which is the one I like best...I congratulate you because of your excellent work."                                                      *** "I am pleased to see your more recent works and to know you have developed so beautifully as an artist.  I wish you continued success. You are very talented." 

Dealers Say:

"Haist's subject matter portrays a deep understanding - women being women, streets being streets, nature being natural - through a mirror of simplicity....a simplicity that belies the skill required to achieve it.
This charismatic quality has won Diann Haist a very wide audience and an enviable hard core of collectors."

Other Artists Say:

"The nice use of impasto application and control of edges held my attention in this painting. The ability to use such intense background colors without becoming overly dominate brought me back to this painting time and again. It is strikingly bold without becoming too harsh."  Critique by William Scott Jennings, Raymar Art Competition Judge, July 2008. "Am SO happy with my beautiful print. You are such a gorgeous ARTIST." (Laury Dizengremel - award winning sculptor)                                               *** "Certainly, Diann Haist has come forward as an important voice of our time"  H. P. Patton, A.S.A (Artist, art critic, and former director of the Sear's Gallery, Chicago, Illinois)                                         


Drawing and painting came naturally to me early in life. Blessed with a family to encourage, or at least not dis-courage my creative impulses. I was allowed to occupy myself with all manner of art supplies, including oils at the tender age of 9, when I received my first landscape commission. All of the 10 dollars received bought more paint and canvas.
Also more than blessed to be living in the right place at the right time – when latter members of Canada’s illustrious Group of 7 artists spent several summers plein air painting in our little town and surrounds. The likes of A.Y. Jackson and A..J. Casson helped fan the flames of a young artist in-training.
Most summer holidays were spent painting in my aunt’s wheat fields, and pouring through books on how Frank Wood painted seascapes. The light!
As a young adult, I moved from our little town to the big city of Toronto, Ontario, hoping to find recognition for my ‘calling’. I humbly say I did.
In 1970, I felt the need for classical training, applied and won a scholarship to art college as a mature student. There, three of my professors, Doris McCarthy, Audrey Garwood and Wyndham Lawrence, among others, further stoked the flames, but corralled the passion with the knowledge of just how to use it. For this I am eternally grateful.
Having explored all genres – Magic Realism, Abstractions, Impressionism, the subjects which keep recurring are figures – people with stories to tell. Oil, acrylics, pastels, all mediums are used even to this day.
I am so fortunate to have made my living as an artist for over 45 years now, and where does the time go.
Still painting as passionately as ever, and living in the splendor of Alaska, how can one not be inspired every single day.
Diann [...]

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