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    Love Child of an Art Box   
I am the “love child” of my mother’s wooden paint box.  I have never been able to resist the seduction once the cover is open. The visual feast of color, smell of turpentine and sixty-year-old collection of paint brushes seem to magically make ideas pop into my head.  Its appeal--always hypnotic-- is irresistible and an essential part of my creative process.  It is a constant companion to my easel. Standing before that easel, I consider myself a portrait artist even though I usually paint places and objects. In my mind, if I successfully capture personality, attitude and individuality when painting a chair, it IS a “portrait” of that chair. I depend on rich color and texture and high contrasts to define those desirable traits in my work. 
Many of my paintings are images of everyday objects; images representing special relationships in my life.  These oil “portraits” also capture my own personality, attitude and individuality as an artist and a person.  The imagery has a voice--just like me.  It makes a statement and begs to be heard though “listening” eyes.  Most of my paintings are really a portrait of who I am.  They each are works of my will and my heart.
Dian McCray recently retired from a 39-year love affair with teaching art and motivating young artists everyday.  She studied art at Arizona State University but received both undergraduate and Master’s Degrees from the University of Montevallo, where now, as an adjunct professor, she mentor’s art teacher candidates.
Dian has paintings in private collections in Europe and in homes from Oregon to Maine.  She has written and illustrated two children's books, published articles in Arts and Activities and Alabama Zoological Society magazines and illustrated several publications for Hopscotch Press, Manasha Ridge Press and Bantam Doubleday Dell Books. 

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