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Oil painter, Diane Young, was born in Waynesburg, Kentucky.
From an early age she began to seek beauty and peaceful places which call one to come and look, in the forest, by a quiet creek, even in cow country. This is where her journey began and her heart’s desire to be a landscape painter was birthed.
Since then Diane has spent daily hours in the field observing nature, the effects of light, changing atmosphere and the spirit of the place. She has painted hundreds of paintings in the outdoors while looking at the scenes that make her heart sing. She works to paint believable paintings which take the viewer to that very spot by orchestrating the right elements so that you may even feel the breeze! When you look at her painting you want to walk through them as she did, to see the beauty and be at peace!
Diane has deepened her understanding by studying master painters; Willard Metcalf, Edward Redfield and Hugh Bolton Jones. She values the plein air and realist painters of the turn of the century. Her favorite painters are from this era!
Her passion to paint keeps her going and keeps her growing. This relentless passion to produce beautiful paintings has become her most treasured gift. She longs to share it with others! [...]

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