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I recently painted Sanctuary, which summarizes my purpose as an artist.

Many of you have expressed your love and appreciation for this work, Sanctuary, which I painted from the beautiful source photo by Dorota Kudyba of Zamosc, Poland. You helped me to realize that it summarizes my purpose as an artist. I am a painter and illustrator. It is my chosen purpose to celebrate in paintings and drawings our ability to create sanctuaries. I love to contribute to the creation of a home as a sanctuary for an individual or family. I love to celebrate those who create sanctuaries for wildlife in yards and across the land for migrating butterflies and birds. I am a part of you who love and respect life.
I have had the privilege of working closely with the poet, Louis Alan Swartz, for the past six years. He recently passed and I will continue to honor his legacy with his wife, Connie. Louis was a great advocate for kindness and so he would appreciate my choice Sanctuary as that one word which best describes my purpose. Together we worked to bring beautiful ideals to life. Our prints are here in "A Poet & A Painter." as well as a link to The Constructed of Magic Trilogy. 

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