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I spent most of my life in analytical pursuits as a professor, researcher,  behavioral psychologist, and Information Technology professional.  I did a couple of Pastel paintings in 7th grade, but that was the end of my artistic adventures for the next 50 years.  When I was 68, I was given some art supplies for Christmas.  I decided to take a drawing class at the local museum, which was followed by a Pastel Landscape class.  
After moving to Arizona, I became involved with an Art Club where I live.  I got great support and encouragement from the members, and eventually picked up a paint brush to give it a try.  Since then I have a brush or a palette knife in my hand almost every day.  Painting has taught me a great deal about myself and the world around me.  I have learned to "see" and express myself in new and different ways.  I continue to explore opportunities to learn from other artists and expand my knowledge and skills. 
I am still experimenting with a lot of different styles and subjects, but gravitate towards animals and southwestern themes.  I love to use vibrant color and bold images....but will probably try something different tomorrow.  

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