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“Bringing emotion to life - perpetual pursuit of color and light - along with intuitive raw honesty and new beginnings are the tools in my bag. These all come into play as I begin each day. Blank canvas and fresh oil, I know no better way to be alive.” - Diane Whitehead    

Animals are my muse. The scratch of the paw, pounce of a hoof, gesture of the head, alert ear, quiet stride, powerful shape, ancient wisdom. All come to play with the shapes I see as I paint.
I am drawn to the natural beauty and coloring of an animal and am aware of how it must adapt to it’s surroundings, to become invisible to the hunter, visible to the same species to mate, and powerful enough to scare off predators. The bold color I see is like an animal aura, with such energy and emotion, it is difficult for me to ever tone down my color palette.
Diane Whitehead


Diane paints what she loves best: nature, animals and the culture of the American West. Her animals look you in the eye with a majesty and gentleness that create an instant bond. She has an uncanny way of drawing out the emotions and character of people on her canvas. At once elegant and whimsical, Diane’s creative energy touches our soul … and our sense of humor.
She is highly praised for her strong brushstrokes and bold use of color—both of which make her work come alive. Her influential style has been described as an “innovative blend of Fauvism and Post-Impressionism, coupled with a unique flavor of First Generation Abstract Expressionism. 
To challenge oneself each day with new and improved subject and style is what I live for. I have endless amounts of inspiration each day – Montana has become such a huge part of who I am and what I see day to day. I also travel and am on the constant lookout for new and innovative ways to express my joy and exhilaration with life and all living things.
You can find my work at dianewhitehead.com
Going to the Sun Gallery Whitefish Montana
Robert Kelley Park City Utah
Paws Up Ranch in Greenough Montana
Diane shares her talent to help animals by donating her work for animal charity functions in and around Park City, Priest Lake Idaho, and Ovando Montana 
One Woman Show Going to the Sun Gallery Whitefish Montana 2019
CM Russell Auction 2014-2019 Great Falls Montana
OutWest Art Show 2015-2019Great Falls Montana
Western Masters 2014-2019 Great Falls Montana
American Women Artists Juried Fall Show 2013
Western Masters 2013 Great Falls Montana
Icons of the West 2012 Missoula Montana
Label artist for two High West Distillery Whiskey Bottles 
Mercer Wine Labels 2014-2019
Feature Artist Portfolio Magazine Great Falls Montana
Salon International 2010
Utah State Art Competition, Kimball Art Center, Park City, UT- Juried Show 2001
AOL/Time Warner Sundance [...]

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