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Artist Diane Washa is an award-winning painter who takes inspiration from the changing landscapes she has had in view since road trips with her family as a child. Washa creates paintings in an intriguingly abstract style that is rich in detail. She most often works en plein air.Painting in sight of the prairies, streams, rivers and bluffs of Wisconsin's countryside - and the sweep of dramatic skies overhead - Washa's brush captures the movement of color and light, time and place. In still life studies, the artist sometimes extracts a single intimate element of the landscape that catches her eye.Washa came late to her now-productive life as an artist. A business executive by day, she got more serious about her life-long passion for painting in 2005. Several years later, Washa was exhibiting in galleries and at art exhibitions. Over the past nine years, she has exhibited dozens of art shows, including as a featured artist. Washa has a degree in fine art from Milton College and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. She continues her quest to learn and grow in her art through studies with a number of admired painters and is part of a network of artists dedicated to the en plein air approach.Experimentation excites Washa's art. Her continuing education in painting includes working side-by-side artists doing nonrepresentational images in oil.The Abel Contemporary Gallery in Stoughton, Wisconsin, represents Washa.
2019 Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, IA - First Place Riverview
2019 Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, IA - Second Place Double Take
2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition Fav15% - May
2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition Fav15% - April
2019 Augusta Plein Air Event, Augusta, MO - First Place Oils
2018 Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, IA - Artist Choice
2018 Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, IA - Poetic First Place
2018 Theodore Robinson Plein Air Event, Evansville, WI - First Place 
2018 Taliesin Plein Air [...]

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