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  • Year Born: 1948

  • Attended Schuler Fine Art School, Baltimore, Maryland in 1980's

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts--Studio Painting & Specialty in Illustration1995 from Texas A&M -Commerce, Texas

  • Teaching and Studying Art in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Cedar Crest, & Chama ,NM 17+ years, taught by Anthony Ryder, Kevin George, Warren Chang

  • Price Range: $200.00 - $4,000.00

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The Artist Says:

" Art is a lifetime pursuit" ,  the constant drive to create is the motivation to improve, study and even teach so that the
                 artist can spread his love for his process while giving back through his works, the visions only he
                  is captivated with.  The two dimensional surface which he uses to make the eye see in three dimensions
                  is his playground for the exploration of color, texture, form, balance, line, and contrast.  Complete control
                   and decision making are his tools while enthusiasm powers each stroke of the brush. 

Collectors Say:

The painting  of the street lady has captured my attention after meeting this lady at the Studio's at Nob Hill.  I am so glad I have it. Marta Light
The Malaya painting I bought was one out of all the paintings in the Gallery that captured my eye and I will always treasure it...Donna Clark

Dealers Say:

The artist's of The ABQ Gallery really admired Diane's art, her friendliness, and her fun nature. We hate to see her move to Chama, but
                we know the community will enjoy and benefit from all her contributions.  
Johnson's of Madrid wishes all the art sold as quickly as Diane's art sold during a time of few sales !

Other Artists Say:

"Diane is a truly delightful person and a student whom I enjoy working with."  Warren Chang
"Diane is a talented, unusual artist."  Fred Miller
"Diane is able to capture the true essence of the model."  Marta Light 


Diane Walton Reitz is a Contemporary Realist Fine Artist, who was taught to draw and paint when she was a young child by her Mom. Diane traveled with her Mom to many of the Art Museums in eight countries in Europe to study the paintings in these museums. She continued her studies with four years of Art in High School, and attended Schular Fine Art School in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1980's and earned a Degree in Fine Art with a Specialty in Illustration from A&M in 1995.
Diane moved to New Mexico in 1998 to enjoy the art, the artists, and the scenery. She has taught painting and drawing to supplement her income, teaching out of her studio at Nob Hill in Albuquerque, NM, at Harwood Art Center, out of her home studio,through UNM Cont.Ed, and now teaches beginner to advanced students in Chama,New Mexico at her Artist's Depot in the Cumbres Mall across from the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad Station. www.newmexicoartistdirectory.com
Diane has studied with Warren Chang, Kevin Georges, and attended the Portrait Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in addition to studying with many talented teachers in Albuquerque, but she says when she teaches she always learns more than her students, and that being an artist is a lifetime job of learning and studying and painting !

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