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Diane Tarantino is an American artist specializing in Landscape, Floral and Animal Portraiture.  Her style is more impressionistic, but captures reality's arrangement of light, color and textures with the mood of the scene or essence of the subject.
She was born in Summit, New Jersey.  After High School,  she fell prey to the "Starving Artist" speech, and so pursued her next passion, mechanical technologies. She studied at Teterboro School of Aeronautics and obtained her FAA Airframe and Power Plant License.  Over the next 30 years, she was employed in several mechanical/manufacturing based positions. During this time she married (and re-married) and raised three children (and gained four more!), but always felt the draw of her first love, art.  She has returned to her passion full-time and is improving her skills with workshops, self-study through books and videos and painting as much and as often as she can.
She currently lives in Lopatcong, NJ with her husband Bob and her three children Dean, Jackie and Stephen (off and on, in and out of college), two dogs and some fish.
Artist's Statement
“There are moments in life, that compel us to take pause. To stop and just behold the beauty God has created for us to enjoy. A moment in time that awakens our senses and makes us take notice.  A symphony of the light, colors and textures of creation, usually caught by luck in a fleeting moment of observation but felt with a deep inner connection. From a very early age, I have been driven to try to capture and put onto paper or canvas these moments and to share the impressions that have made me take pause in my life to just enjoy. It is my intent and my sincerest wish that my art may give you a few more [...]

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