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  • Year Born: 1948

  • I believe everyone has a creative gift to express.

  • Art teaches Critical Thinking Skills.

  • Art heals and makes whole.

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The Artist Says:

Art is the way we communicate what has value--or the lack of it--in the world.


I never doubted myself as an Artist until I got older and less wise.  When young, it startled me to hear friends struggle to know what they were going to 'be' after high school.  It seemed tragic to not already know what they were good at. I felt secret relief and gratitude because art had already shaped me into ‘being.’  There were many other things about myself to doubt, but never about being an Artist.  I was, and still am, good at working with my hands, my head, and my heart, so the only dilemma to decide then was which field of Art to enter: Fashion Design or Mechanical Engineering. 
The creative process of figuring out how to draw an idea dimensionally before taking it into a three-dimensional medium is a wonderful adventure.  For me, it is especially so if the process can also be shared.  I love parallel playing and find that competitions, finite winning and losing against others—whether discussions, careers, parenting, anything—doesn’t produce the excitement that infinite playing does; seeing how one idea can collectively build on another.  For most of my life it has been unimaginable that others might feel differently.  So, until recently, when I finally began to understand where that attitude sprang from, I was baffled and hurt whenever resistance to being creative was encountered. 
All kids draw when little, and, like every girl who continues drawing into adolescence, I drew horses—pages and pages of powerfully muscled horses penciled during classes when diagramming sentences should have been the focus.  Later, deciding to be a Fashion Designer, I stayed up late drawing faceless, elongated women, or cheerfully fat-faced children, wearing swishy, loose clothing of many bright colors.
When I was fifteen, on a Sunday drive through Los Angeles with my grandparents, my dad pointed to a building as we [...]

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