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As a child, I always felt compelled to draw cats and dogs.  I could never have one as a pet, (allergies in the family) but I sure read a lot about them, and spent hours daydreaming about the day I'd live with a dog or cat of my own.  Many surviving art projects from my youth feature cats or dogs.  In the fifth grade, I even wrote and illustrated a book about a dog who gets a bone stuck in his throat.
Much later, after graduating from Lawrence University and the University of Chicago, I spent 17 years working in human services.  During this time I finally realized my dream of living with both dogs and cats.  Slumberjack, a German Shepherd, was my first  pet dog.  Dusty and Skipper were my first cats.  Experiencing the wonders of cohabitation with these creatures made me want to figure out a way to spend my working hours with them as well.  In 2004 I attended professional dog grooming school and worked as a professional pet stylist for the next ten years.  During this time, I also became emerged in the world of canine performance  sports and eventually spent seven years teaching agility and rally classes to people and their dogs.
At this juncture in my life, I am delighted to combine the art skills I've developed over the last 25 years with my passion for animals to create custom pet portraits and animal themed art for other true pet lovers! 
Currently, I live in Middleton, Wisconsin with my husband Rich, and Mindy, our two year old Shetland sheepdog.
Art Education
University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies, Madison, WI
The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY
Lill Street Art Center, Chicago, IL
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
University of Chicago Continuing Education, Chicago, IL

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