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Diane is a self taught artist that learned by studying the techniques and methods of the European Old Masters. A love of the arts and a desire to expand her skills propelled her to attend as many workshops and opportunities that she was able.
For the past 8 years Diane has taught oil painting in her studio, Paoletti Studio of Art. Her studio offers learning opportunities for both beginners and advanced students. She believes it is her privilege to teach the means of making art, not the ends; hoping to give students the skills they need to express their own creative ideas.
Diane also hosts a variety of different portrait & landscape art instructors in her studio, giving Alaskans the opportunity to learn from professional artists, & at the same time, offers the opportunity for the visiting art instructors to discover the inspirational beauty of Alaska.
Living in Alaska has given Diane the opportunity to embrace plein air painting. The majestic landscape of mountains that surround her offer never-ending inspiration to strive to convey the grandeur of the Alaska she has come to know and love.
Diane has participated in many group shows in galleries & businesses and is a member of the Portrait Society of America and served as a board member of the Valley Fine Arts Association.

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