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Artist Diane Foster grew up on a farm near a small town in southwestern Minnesota.  There wasn’t much art exposure available in the community, but there was a lot of creativity and a do-it-yourself mentality in her home.  The family’s TV broke when Diane was in fifth grade, and her parents decided not to fix it, so she had more time for drawing, playing the piano, sewing, and other creative activities than most of her classmates. 
While she always gravitated toward art, she ended up getting a degree in Computer Science when her sons were small.  She has worked in this field as a Systems Analyst since she graduated.  Painting often took a back seat to her full-time job and raising a family.  But now she finds (or makes) more opportunities to put time and energy into pursuing this passion although she is still working in IT.  Some people question the “right brain/left brain” discrepancy between the analytics of computer work and the creativity of art, but she says both require problem solving and perseverance.
Her primary focus now is soaking up as much as she can in every aspect of painting to be able to really express the essence of subjects that inspire her.  She has studied with a number of well-known artists and continues to study on her own.  
Outdoor Painters of Minnesota - Treasurer
American Women Artists
American Impressionist Society
Juried Events
"Extremely Minnesota" Show at Robbin Gallery  November 2020
Plein Air Grand Marais September, 2020
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition August, 2020
Landmarks Center, St. Paul OPM Show June, 2020
Red Wing Plein Air Festival June, 2020 - Red Wing Shoe Rivertown Award
Plein Air Grand Marais - September, 9019  Best Golf Course Award
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition August, 2019
Plein Air Grand Marais   September, 2018
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition  August, 2017
Art Education
Joe Paquet      [...]

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