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 In my artwork, I hope to instill a sense of place, of being there, of the wonder I felt as I stood painting in the open air, of the peace that nature can bring us when we look and listen with an open heart. I know I’ve succeeded when I read comments such as “You are bringing it to life!” and “I want to just walk out to the water.”  


Diane Bay has had a lifelong, unquenchable creative drive. It wasn’t until she entered her fifties that she discovered where it may have come from: her artistic birth mother and birth father.
The natural world has always felt like home to Diane. As a child she spent hours in the climbing tree in her suburban Chicago back yard, often daydreaming of her birth mother. Little did she know that, at the same time, her birth mom was becoming a famous actress in Hollywood. Karen Black was an icon of the American New Wave cinema of the seventies, starring in prominent films including Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces and The Great Gatsby. 
But just as Diane longed for her natural maternal connection, Karen’s heart ached for the child she gave away. But after Karen signed the closed adoption papers and a nurse carried away her daughter, all the information about the child was sealed away, and her searches turned up empty.
Diane tried to find her birth mother also, but sealed adoption records made this impossible until 2011, when Illinois finally opened these records. In July of 2012 Diane received her original birth certificate and saw her birth mother’s name for the first time. A quick Google search provided the facts she’d sought for decades, and a face she was familiar with from the silver screen. Right away Diane sent a Facebook message to Karen’s fan page.
Sadly, at the time Illinois passed the law that unsealed these records, Karen heard the terrible news that she had a rare form of cancer. Her time was running out.
But then on August 8, 2012, she read Diane’s message and responded with acceptance and joy. And just like that, decades of heartache for both of them vanished, and a reunion was in place. They met in September, in Karen’s [...]

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