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Diana Woods is a painter and sculptor living in Western Colorado.  “My paintings and sculpture address the spiritual connection we have with the natural world. These are the otherworldly animals of my dreams, memories and imagination. As our world becomes ever more developed, I feel it is more important than ever to reawaken within ourselves, the mysteries of nature and the wild unknown.  The world is a magical place if we just pay attention. It is my hope that my work speaks to the viewer in a way that inspires wonder and a reverence for the sacred in nature and the wild creatures that inhabit this earth."
Originally from Nebraska, Woods grew up on the back of a horse. She feels what she learned from her mares shaped who she is today. In 1980, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art history from William Woods College. Upon graduation, Woods moved to Montana to explore the mountains, ski, hike and paint. In 1984, Woods moved to the high desert of Grand Junction, Colorado and raised her two sons.  She became an art teacher, arts administrator and began exhibiting her paintings of horses, wildlife, and the western landscape. Riding her horse in the canyons is Diana's form of meditation and the herds of wild horses on the Little Book Cliffs range near her home spark her imagination.  
Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement, Woods’ paintings are filled with layers of texture, luminous color, drips and gestural brushstrokes.  Profoundly influenced by the expressionist’s focus on the unconscious, she intuitively allows the images to emerge as she moves across the canvas. Myths and archetypal symbols often surround the stories in her work. In the last decade, Woods has expanded her creative repertoire to include sculpture, utilizing bronze as well as found objects.
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