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The Artist Says:

Painting is pure joy and as essential as breathing to me.  To paint for others is truly an honor and privileged.

Collectors Say:

Vivian R. – When your child’s personality is captured perfectly in a photograph, then becomes alive in an oil painting...... ❤️😍🤗 I’m so blessed to have such a sweet, fun, and beautiful daughter, and a talented artist Diana Strom Art in my life.
Jerry G. - Diana Strom - you are simply amazing! I am speechless.
Kelli Y - THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART❤️ You truly are Amazing!! Karma had my heart from the start. This painting of us means the world to me.
Charlene N.  - Got them!! Diana, they are more beautiful in person. Brought tears to my eye. Thank you so much!
George G. - Diana, you created a beautiful rendition of our Annie!! You are an extremely talented artist! Thank you Diana. Geo.

Other Artists Say:

Syndi Michael - Diana you have become an amazing artist!
David Gilbreth - As an Artist in kind, you are Amazing and always seem to catch and express the life in everything you paint.


Diana Strom was destined to be an artist.
Her artistic expressions began at a very early age.  For most of her adolescent years, she immersed herself in art as a way to escape the trauma of a tumultuous childhood. Survival meant losing herself totally into her art. 
Receiving a set of acrylic paints at age 12 was a turning point in Diana’s young life.   With her path more clearly defined she endeavored to develop her skills rendering numerous nature, figurative and religious paintings.
A few years later a move to a new high school gave Diana a much-needed boost.  Academic instruction, encouragement and acceptance gave her the confidence she so desperately needed.  Her artwork and artistic abilities were soon rewarded with accolades and recognition. Upon graduating she was awarded Co-Artist of the Year.  Additionally, she was hired by her senior class to render a painting … her first paid commission.
Over the next several years Diana honed her skills in a number of media … acrylics, oil, pencil and silk painting.
Volunteer work as a theatrical stage designer and later as a founding board member of “Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus” charity organization challenged Diana’s skill as an artist.  Her accomplishments were given much praise and recognition.
In 2014 Diana’s self-taught skills were enhanced when she became a member of the North Clackamas Arts Guild. There she gained the training and expertise needed to produce several award-winning portraits, landscapes, and pet portraits.  Additionally, she was chosen by the Clackamas Arts Alliance Committee to be an individual exhibitor for their 2019 program.
In 2018, after a series of personal tragedies Diana made a life-changing decision.  It was time to put her art to the forefront of her life. 
This decision has since evolved into the creation of an in-home art studio, and the development of both an internet website, Instagram and Facebook Business [...]

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