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Diana Sanford is a Signature member of the Northwest Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of America and has won honors in four recent Pastel Journal 100 Competitions including the Silver Medal in 2011 and the Bronze in 2016.  She has a BA in Painting and a MS in Clinical Psychology.  For 32 years she  maintained a practice in psychotherapy (retiring in 2020) as well as a practice, painting. Her interest in neurobiology combined with experiences in the studio, resulting in a unique workshop:  JAM Session!  focused on the process and experience of painting.  
     There are many parallels between doing therapy and doing art.  Not the least is a requirement to trust the process.  In therapy, we don’t want to have an agenda with the client but rather, trust that when the two of us are engaged fully and honestly in the moment something can happen that is more than the sum of the two of us. 
      I feel the same about my relationship with a canvas.  In recent work I'm most interested in what happens when I have no reference and no agenda but simply try to be present with the act of painting.  In this mode, the decisions I make at each moment come from a different place within.   The goals are a healing (in therapy) or a work of art, but the path and how it will look when I get there are unknown.  That’s what I love about both.  In both pursuits, we set the stage, make the time, contain the space and surrender (with hope and often some trepidation) to the forces at hand. Sanford lives in Wenatchee, Washington with the Cascades to her west and the coulees of the Columbia Basin to her east.  She lives with her husband, Neal, who is a wildlife [...]

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