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Desiree Young was born in California to a military family. She traveled much in her young life  and lived in many interesting places in the US. Her favorite place to live was in the Ozarks. In the  early 70's, the Ozarks were lush and full of adventure. Not many strangers visited the remote area except to vacation on the beautiful lakes.  She spent many hours taking in the wildness and beauty and interesting people.
The moments when time seemed to hold still while admiring the beauty of that world, churned a desire to document and record that beauty not only in her soul, but on paper as an artist.
A career as a nurse and mother and wife allowed dabbling in art and clay. It wasn't until an arm injury caused a course direction and allowed art to be a full time career.  All things work together for our good.
Desiree has followed many great artists of today by taking workshops by Scott Burdick, Sue Lyon, Michelle Dunaway, and Adam Clague.
Adam has been her mentor and an amazing influence in her art. 
Desiree continues to live in the Ozarks. She and her husband Mark, live on a beautiful farm and raise cows and sheep.  

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