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I am Desiree Filkins, an artist from Cape Cod. I have been drawing since a very young age as I’m sure you’ve imagined. My father passed away unexpectedly when I was entering high school. It turned my world upside down. I am grateful to have had a very important art teacher during that time. Her name is Eiblis Cazeault. She encouraged me to channel my pain into my art and that what I had to say was important. Her mantra was “ I will never give up on you even if every adult in your life has.” Mrs. Cazeault is a big reason for my love and appreciation for art to this day and helped me find confidence in myself as an artist. Another amazing mentor I’ve found in my adult years is Rosalie Nadeau. Rosalie is an amazing local artist on Cape Cod and original member of 21 In Truro. She has been a great teacher and mentor for me. I paint with her often and she has helped me see everyday objects in new ways and has helped me to develop my skill set.
Since the pandemic I have battled extreme anxiety. I found myself uncomfortable in my previous career as a hairstylist. I’ve decided to focus on my art full time and pursue this career path, one that I’ve constantly found myself coming back to. It is scary but more exciting. I document and share my process on my social media.
Painting for me is like a warm bed when you have had a very long and tiring day. It is that relief in a time of uncertainty and stress. It is a form of communication. It is a conversation starter or finisher. In addition to creating something not only beautiful and meaningful to myself as well as the viewer, I have [...]

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