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Operating as The Rural Gallery is what it implies.  For the most part my work specializes in all things rural, old rusty trucks, tumbling barns, wildlife, and more.  I love the rural scene and painting "Vanishing Rural America" is my goal.  Some of the works aren't exactly in that genre, but most are.  I hope that you enjoy!---Deon Matzen

It's all about color and value. For me, living in the mostly dreary Northwest I need color and I need values that indicate to me that maybe sometime the sun shone on the subject I was painting. Grey days make for grey paintings and this, to me, is boring. I guess, to some extent, I am creating a fantasy, one of sunshine.
Though it is not always grey and cloudy here, when the sun does shine, either I am out painting or taking photos of subjects I would like to paint on rainy, indoor days. I also spend a lot of time observing what exactly happens when the sun shines. How much value (light and darkness) difference is there on a sunny day? How do shadows fall from an object? What kinds of anomalies are there in the sunshine that we do not see on grey days? All of these things are on my mind when the sun DOES come out!
My sideline is painting pet portraits. These have been very successful and the joy or tears that my paintings bring to the commissioners brings happiness to me. I have had both reactions, but have never had a commission that didn't exceed its mark of recreating a beloved friend of the family be it cat [...]

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