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“ I hadn’t planned to do this”
“It wasn’t that I had a desire to draw since childhood or that I had always wanted to be an artist. It happened almost by chance that I found when I applied myself to a creative endeavor, it felt correct and fulfilling. 
Dennis took a different path to arrive at painting.
 After finding his facility in art, It was unavoidable that it would end up being a lifelong pursuit. However, coming from a background of meager means, even thinking of trying to make a career out of art seemed frivolous. Dennis ended up finding slightly related work that would produce an income. In his spare time he continued to pursue painting with a loosely formed group of like-minded artists that began to show and sell. After a few years, Dennis achieved a yearly one person show at a gallery in Sacramento. 
 Dennis’s path differed from others in the field.  He hadn’t gone to a four year exclusively for drawing and painting but focused on art education. He also hadn’t pursued the normal course of entering contests or signing up for membership in art organizations to gain notoriety or exposure. Once he was able to start showing at a gallery, that became his focus.  
Living in Southern California, Dennis was influenced by the watercolor artist’s of the California school. Later moving to Northern California, he found equal inspiration from the art, artists and movements in that region.  Now living on the Monterey Peninsula, Dennis’s inspiration comes from the landscape and the artists that had made this region their home. Dennis is a member of the Carmel Art Association where his work is shown. The peninsula has fired his imagination from his first visit.
“For me there was a unique feeling about the Monterey Peninsula. Maybe a little of that feeling [...]

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